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[07 Feb 2006|06:01am]


First off we would like to welcome you to Final Choice RP. Happy RPing.

1. Create a journal with some relation to your character. It doesn't have to have your characters name in it, just as long as the journals name is somehow related to your character. Also, have an AIM set up for your characters use. We use this feature to communicate with other RPers more frequently then just through journals. We do allow other messangers to be used. But just a warning most people will only use them in emergancies, they will use AIM the rest of the time.

2. Upon creating your journal we ask that you please add this journal and finalchoice_rp and finalchoiceooc onto your communities friends page. You don't have to add the OOC community, but the main RP is mandatory.

3. Comment to this journal entry with the following information.
- Your real name:
- Who you will be RPing:
- Age of character you will be playing:
- Band/Actor/Etc. What or who is your character:
- What LJ username you'll be using for them:
- Character's AIM sn:
- Any other messengers we may contact you with:
- Personal Journal:
- Where did you hear about this community:
- Promotion is key. You want an active fun community, you need to promote with us. So what's the magic word?:
- Tell us a little about your character, you may give a RP example, or you can give a breif description, making this character your own:

4. This is a slash-RP. If you are homophobic leave now and don't waste our time.

5. This is a all male slash RP. Sorry girls. If you really want to play a girl, please contact the mods.

6. No mpreg. Try to keep this realistic, please? Unless your hell bent on a SL with mpreg in it, contact the mods.

7. After creating your journal be sure to add everyone from the community onto your friends list.

8. To make sure you read the rules and information in your application, add "My favorite song ever: *insert your answer here* it shows that you did read the rules and taken characters list.

9. Please make your character's journal friends only and add the new members as they join so everyone can be included in what's going on.

10. Please know about the character you chose to use, because it would be pointless to not know about them. And, even just knowing a tiny bit may not be helpful, because there are people who do pay attention to these people and will know a lot about them if you haven't done your research and just want to play them because "they're hot" and so forth.

11. If you put a website down in your information, make sure it is to this RP and not another site.

12. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to ask one of the mods. heartagramchild

13. This is more of a RP for the younger people. I want people to apply with their character at least 21 and younger. You can have your character be 21 and going on, but generally I want you to be younger. If you want to play your character going through school, college, or actually working on their career go for it. Just please keep it in that age range.

14. We all live within the same area. We all either go to the same high school or university. All the same. We don't have a specific place set. You use your own minds to make that up. If you want to live by a beach then there's a beach. If you want to live in the woods then you live in the woods. If you want to live in the bad part of town then you live in the bad part of town. One big happy little town all to itself.

15. Another thing. When I ask now whats the magic word, I want you to tell me the people you'd like to see join.

16. If we continually need to warn you about updating we will just delete you. It's annoying and tiresome telling the same people to update their journals. After being reminded twice to update if you have not updated we will delete you.

17. Also, I do require you to put in your personal journal, or something identifying who you are, just because I want to make sure that you will be mature and not some teeny who will do nothing but create unneeded drama. Also, please include where you did hear about us, it's nice to know that someone is promoting, it says you like the place in which your at.

Thank you for your interest in this RP. We hope that you have the best of time here. Enjoy, darlings.
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[07 Feb 2006|06:00am]


Click Here To See Who Has Been TakenCollapse )


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[07 Feb 2006|05:59am]


To ensure we have a more mature and dedicated gaming community, we require active AIM USE

AOL Instant Messenger can be downloaded here.
And it's cloning tool can be downloaded here or here.

Don't be shy. Instant Message someone first. Set up a scene in actions and get to your characters talking. You don't have to ask OOC first if "your characters can game or meet" just play and have fun. 99% of the time, if a character's screen name is logged on, they want to game. Remember: have fun and be friendly.

Also, if your looking for the AIM buddy list, don't be afraid to ask another character to send it to you. Or just add everyone manually, we didn't include their AIM's in the character information part for no reason.

Add.Collapse )


We want quality writers over the quantity of members. Please keep in mind we want mature, descriptive writers who aren't going to come and go.

We'd love to see aim conversations in your characters journals. This allows others to interact with your character and see what's going on in the life of your chosen character. Posting conversations also allows for members to not have to rely on updating as much and really focus on role-playing via aim. It is not required to post conversations, but it is encouraged as it can work as a "journal filler" until you can make a post.

We encourage you to make regular journal entries and comment other players, but it's not manditory. Journal entries do allow those members who are 'aim shy' to start and build storylines as well as helping the community see what your student is up to. We are mainly an AOL INSTANT-MESSENGER ACTIVE game.

Make the character your own. Really bring them to life. There's one catch. If you're doing a storyline deep in drama do your homework.

ALL STORYLINE ideas are welcome, just make sure you research your topic and play it out realistically and fully. Drama is fun, just make sure you know what you're doing.

UPDATING YOUR CHARACTER'S JOURNAL: We would ask that you update your journals at least once every two weeks, if you have not updated within two weeks time we will give you a warning and at this time if you have not updated after this warning has been sent, you will be deleted from the community. It's only fair that we do this because people might want to RP your character and they can't if you are, and if you are unactive it isn't fair to the other RPers. Also if you have any problems into why you can't update your journal, please make a post about it or inform one of the mods, and your absence shall be excused, because somethings in life do get in the way and we understand that.

MARRIAGES/ENGAGEMENTS: You must be in a relationship for at least a month before becoming engaged. If you want to become engaged before then, you must go in and talk to a mod about this, and confirm your engagement with two mods.

NETSPEAK: One of the reasons why we require your personal journal is because we can look through any parts you may have typed and see if you use netspeak. We are against it, and yes, using it, can be we will ban you. Please, for the sake of those who enjoy the english language use it properly.

SUICIDE: You can't kill off your character, no death or suicide. You can have attempts, but not the real thing, if you no longer want to play your character, please just delete the journal so someone new can come along and use them instead.

POSTING: We do not want characters to come and go, or just apply and be sitting around for no reason. We ask that you please, within the first four days, have your first post set up and ready to go. If you do not, we will speak with you, if you are unavailable, we will be sure to delete you without warning.

OUT OF CHARACTER: Use finalchoiceooc for all out of character posts/issues/needs. It's fun to know your other writers Out Of Character, but not all writers are comfortable with the OOC-ness.

OOC TALK: Do not talk OOC in IMS without using some form of warning or brackets. Many of our writers don't want to talk OOC and just want to game. We encourage you to use the OOC Community before talking to others. This also means setting up scenes. Just go for it. IM someone IN CHARACTER with an "action" to get the scene started, you don't have to ask to rp with anyone here, just do it.

OOC/IC CROSSOVER If you are creating a problem mixing your Out Of Character (OOC) issues with your In Character (IC) issues, the mods reserve the right to remove you at any time, with or without previous warning.

CHARACTER LIMIT: You may have no more than three characters, but make sure you can be ACTIVE and do each character gaming justice, i.e. keep up storylines. We also encourage you to play your characters in different fandoms so you'll broaden your friend circle and storyline options as well as help keep the student body diverse. If you slack off, we will remove your characters that aren't being played actively, without warning.

RAPE: Just no. If you're hell bent on such a storyline, either contact all mods first or go somewhere else. If you're a talented writer, you won't have a problem, but we don't want people screaming, "date rape" to either cause un-needed/wanted drama or to trap other writers into storylines they might not want. Rape is illegal and will result in legal action of your character.

BANNING MEMBERS: We also reserve the right to remove members of the game who are either A.) inactive on aim B.) inactive on aim and journals C.) causing unneeded drama that hurts the entire group as a whole D.) sabotaging other writers storylines for your own personal enjoyment/benefit E.) you are blurring the lines between OOC and IC F.) because well, you're just not working out here. G.) Or hell, we just feel like it.

If someone is also abusing your character or the rules, please contact a mod immediatly. You should include links to comment threads, AIM chats, etc that can also help us see the problem at hand.

QUITTING THE GAME: Drop us a comment rather than fill everyone's friends pages. It's the mature way to game.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to ask one of the mods. heartagramchild
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[07 Feb 2006|05:58am]

­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­ DISCLAIMER ¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯¯¯­­­­¯

Under NO circumstances are these journals to be misconstrued and taken as reality as they are for entertainment purposes ONLY. The content, ideas and events held within the journals are not those of the true celebrity, and are in no way to be taken to represent the actual ideas, events, thoughts, lifestyle and image of the celebrity portrayed. The journals are ficticious publications of a fan and must not be taken as a source of factual information or an accurate portrayal of the celebrity. The journals are in no way meant to reflect the celebrity's personal life.

We do not intend harm, misrepresentation, libel, malice and/or copyright infringement, and in no way are the journals meant to misinform other fans, roleplayers or readers of the true celebrity. We believe that this constitutes to the "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copywrite Law The character journal writers associated with FINAL CHOICE RP & FINAL CHOICE OOC nor finalchoice_adm, finalchoice_rp, or finalchoiceooc make no claim to have personal permission or connection with the celebrity portrayed.
finalchoice_adm takes no responsibility for the content of the journals within the community. Be warned that there may be adult language and content within to be handled by a mature readership.
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TYPES OF RP [07 Feb 2006|05:56am]


Storybook role playing is a descriptive, third-person style of writing in instant messages and journal comments that is simular to that of reading text from a written piece of literature. Members who have the pen and paper avatar in their userinfo prefer to write that style.

Example: Eric moved effortlessly across the crowded room, stopping briefly at the juke-box to feed the silver quarters into the machine. Scanning the titles of the songs, his long fingers press a series of numbers before grinning to himself over his selection. Stepping back, looking over the faces in the dimly lit bar, he catches the gaze of a brunette and makes his way to him, "So, Can I be cheesy? Come here often?"

Depending on the writer, this form may change slightly.


Asterisk Role Playing is based on the writer seperating their characters actions and verbal communications through using symbols such as the asterisk, dash, and colons ( *, -, and : respectively) in instant messages and journal comments. Members who have the computer keyboard avatar in their userinfo prefer to write that style.

Example: *Michael grinned as he brought the cup of coffee to his lips before almost whispering out* It's been a long time since we've spent any time together. Another way people write asterisks is in the first person, like this: *walks into the bedroom and motions for you to stand up* c'mere i need to show you something.

Depending on the writer, this form may change slightly.

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